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Romania is a country which lies in the south-east of Europe right next to the Black Sea. The Transylvanian highlands form the heart of the country. There you can find lots of rivers and valleys. In the north, east and south, the Carpathian Mountains girdle the highlands. In the west the Apuseni Mountains form a natural border. Mountainous and hilly areas surround both mountains as well as the lowlands and the large Danube delta. The temperate climate in Romania means warm summers and cold winters. Due to the Carpathian Mountains that run through the country, however, the climate can vary greatly depending on the region. This means that the country is characterised by both continental and even Mediterranean influences. The geographical situation and the climate of Romania are the reason for its fertile soils and many mineral resources. The best arable lands of Romania lie in one of the lowlands in the far west of the country and in the south along the Danube River. Cereals, like our HiPP Organic wheat, as well as corn, sugar beets and potatoes find ideal growing conditions here.