At HiPP Organic, we’re big on caring for our bees because they are so important to nature and the environment.  

Bees are a really important part of nature and our environment. A bee’s main task is to pollinate plants but they are very valuable to us in many other ways. Globally, more than 80% of native flowering plants rely on pollination, a process mainly done by bees. Without this cross pollination, many plants would not be able to produce fruit and seeds and our entire natural landscape, our food and the survival of many plant and animal species would be threatened. 

Because bees are such a huge part of nature’s eco-system, we work hard to protect and encourage them on our organic farms by creating the right eco-system for them. For example, we don't mow our lawns and fields at midday because this is when the bees are most active.  

This is another little thing we do here at HiPP Organic, which we believe makes a big difference to the protection of one of nature’s most important helpers.