Organic Baby & Toddler Food

Every little thing we do makes a big difference to feeding your little one every day. It’s why we specially select tasty organic baby rice, cereals and fruits picked at their ripest, before carefully cooking to lock in the yummy organic taste. Our organic baby foods are packaged in jars, trays or pouches which are available to buy individually or in multipacks.

And because we go way above EU organic standards, only the highest quality organic food makes it to mealtime. 

Get your hands on our tasty organic goodies at our

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We're Big on The Little Things

We're Big on Animal Welfare

At HiPP Organic we’re big on animal welfare. We believe the best quality of life for the animals means the best quality ingredients.

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We're Big on Bees

At HiPP Organic, we’re big on caring for our bees because these little insects make a big difference to nature and the environment.

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We're Big on Apples

At HiPP Organic we’re big on taste. That’s why we specially select the varieties of apples we grow.

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We're Big on Family

At HiPP Organic we're big on Family. We’ve been proudly looking after little ones, and the planet, for four generations.

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