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We are a family business

HiPP is proud to be a family business that's been bringing the best organic baby food to families like yours for 60 years.

Just like any other family, we want our children and grandchildren to grow up happy and healthy in a world that's worth living in. That's why we've always been dedicated to sustainability - protecting nature, truly caring more about the environment and keeping our farmland rich and nutritious for the future.

After four generations, it matters to us that we're still growing our own ingredients on our organic family farms. And you can be sure your family's health and happiness are in safe hands with us too.


Believe it or not, HiPP started with a problem that needed solving. It was 1899 and Joseph Hipp's wife Maria was struggling with breastfeeding their twins. Hipp, a baker from southern Germany, decided to use his culinary skills to create a natural, nutritious rusk-based cereal that could help fill the gap between breastmilk and real food. The twins thrived on it - as did their next five children.


It wasn't long before other families heard about Hipp's invention, and before long his son Georg was selling the famous cereal door-to-door. By 1932, Georg had enough business to open his own company, with dedicated premises in his hometown of Pfaffenhofen.


Under Georg's supervision, the HiPP company continued to expand and experiment, developing new recipes and innovative production and packaging methods. Then a chance meeting with Dr. Hans Muller, a Swiss innovator and the spiritual father of organic farming, changed the direction of the company for good. Georg agreed completely with Muller's theory that farming without chemical fertilisers or pesticides was healthier for both babies and the environment. In 1956, Georg converted the family farm near Paffenhofen to organic farming, and ever since, HiPP products have been proudly organic.


Claus took over management of the company after his father's death in 1967. Throughout the 1960s, when modern 'factory farming' methods became popular elsewhere, Claus remained staunchly committed to the principles of organic farming, and often travelled to talk to other farmers about the benefits of going organic.


Today HiPP is still run by the HiPP family, with Claus’ son Stefan at the helm. With a wealth of family experience behind him, Stefan has ensured that sustainable farming remains at the core of the business. Under his watchful eye, HiPP now has a network of more than 8,000 carefully selected farmers and is the world's largest processor of organic raw materials. Our products are sold in 57 countries worldwide.