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Pregnancy, Newborn & Toddler Advice

Even the most instinctive mums need a little help sometimes. We’ve asked nutritionists, midwives, health visitors and loads of other HiPP experts to share the stuff you really need to know: from pregnancy through to milk feeds, weaning through to feeding a fussy toddler.

If you need more advice on anything, from pregnancy foods through to feeding a fussy toddler, get in touch with the friendly team at HiPP.

Parent's Stories

We’ve worked closely with parents through each stage of development to provide useful tips and tricks for you and your little ones.

Parent's stories

The HiPP way to wean

We believe weaning should be simple, natural, intuitive - and fun!

The HiPP way weaning

Feeding Advice

Looking for some advice on breastfeeding? Bottle feeding tips? How to cope with common tummy troubles like colic and reflux? 

Feeding advice

Caring for your baby's skin

Your baby's skin is very different from your own and needs a special type of care as it adapts to the world. 

Caring for your baby's skin