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First 1,000 days

Welcome to parenthood! A place where the tea’s always cold, the tantrums run hot, and the struggle is real. We’re here to support you from conception to toddlerhood, through the good days and bad, answering all your big and small questions with tips and advice from experienced parents, industry experts and medical professionals. 

The Parenting Connection

In new research, we found that 75% of parents are worried about bonding with their baby. But despite this shared concern, nearly 2 in 5 parents find it challenging to openly discuss the hurdles of parenthood with their friends and family. 

Read real stories from real parents who share their experiences bonding with their babies.

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Pregnancy advice

From eating well to sleeping better, we bring you helpful tips and real stories to support you through your pregnancy.

Weaning advice

What should your little one be eating and when? We have all the information you need on our weaning advice pages.

Feeding Advice

Midwives and nutritionists share their answers to common feeding questions about breastfeeding, bottle feeding, tummy troubles and more.

Parent's Stories

HiPP mums and dads share their experiences of pregnancy and parenting in these honest, down-to-earth parents’ stories.

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Birth plan

Thought about writing your birth plan yet? Use our free template to help you prepare for your little one's arrival.

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Ovulation calculator

Are you planning to start a family? Use our ovulation calculator to help you conceive.

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Due date calculator

Use our due date calculator to estimate when you’ll finally get to meet your little one.

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From formula milk to baby food to baby skincare, we’ve got you covered for every stage of your baby's journey. 

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