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It takes a village!

No one has more questions than a new parent (except, perhaps, a 3-year-old!). Our Advice Hub aims to help you find the answers you’re looking for, with real-world insights from HiPP parents and specialist advice from nutritionists, midwives, health visitors and loads of other HiPP experts.

From planning for maternity leave to life with a newborn, milk feeds to weaning, we’re here to support you through every stage from pregnancy to toddlerhood. Part of your village, as you raise your little one.

If you need more advice on anything, from pregnancy foods through to feeding a fussy toddler, get in touch with the friendly team at HiPP.

Pregnancy advice

From eating well to sleeping better, we bring you helpful tips and real stories to support you through your pregnancy.

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Weaning advice

What should your little one be eating and when? We have all the information you need on our weaning advice pages.

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Feeding Advice

Midwives and nutritionists share their answers to common feeding questions about breastfeeding, bottle feeding, tummy troubles and more.

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Parent's Stories

HiPP mums and dads share their experiences of pregnancy and parenting in these honest, down-to-earth parents’ stories.

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