Tomato and Beef Casserole

Our tomato and beef casserole recipe, is a delicious dish that can be adapted to suit your baby’s stage of weaning. The inclusion of our Little Mealmaker sauces provides you and your little one with a quick, simple and nutritious recipe. This recipe is suitable from 7 months onwards.



- 1 Small potato

- A variety of vegetables (whatever you have to hand)

- HiPP Organic Bolognese sauce

- Fresh or dried parsley to top (Optional)

Note: this casserole can be mashed if your baby isn't ready for larger lumps yet!





1. Put a pan of water on the hob to boil

2. Meanwhile, chop up the potato and variety of vegetables (for example, ½ carrot, a little swede, celeriac, shredded cabbage) whatever you have to hand and then cook for the required amount of time to soften (usually around 10 minutes).

3. Drain the potatoes and veggies, then stir in some HiPP Organic Bolognese sauce (The amount of the sauce and potatoes/veggies will depend on your baby's appetite)

4. Add some cooled boiled water to loosen the texture if preferred, and sprinkle on some fresh or dried parsley if you wish to add more flavour. Stir and serve (remember to check the temperature before serving)