HiPP Organic apples


At HiPP, we believe that working in harmony with nature makes a big difference to the quality of our products. Please read below for just a few of the many things we do at HiPP

Stefan HiPP organic seal

The HiPP Organic Seal

We go further when it comes to organic quality.

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Hedgehog in field

Natural Pesticides

We only use natural pesticides.

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HiPP Organic cows

Animal Welfare

We believe the best quality of life for animals means the best quality ingredients.

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Our Organic Apples being harvested


Our apples are from Organic orchards with the varieties selected specifically to be perfect for babies.

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We are deeply passionate about our partnership with our organic banana farmers in Costa Rica

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Our organic pears


We use Organic Williams Christ pears as it’s well tolerated by most babies

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Bee flying near flowers


We actively care for bees because they are so important to nature and the environment.

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