Species and ecosystems need our protection

Apart from climate change, protection of biodiversity is one of the biggest challenges facing mankind, and the world-wide species loss is alarming: 60% of ecosystems are considered damaged and 20% of just mammals are threatened by extinction. In the last six years, one breed became extinct every month. Due to the disappearance of habitat, species and genes, nature is becoming poorer and the fundamentals for human life are in danger.

Explore one of our farms

Ehrensberger Hof Farm – A virtual tour

For many years, HiPP has been researching the fascinating world of biodiversity. Learn more in our interactive 360° panorama tour of our model farm.

an economic model business for biodiversity

The Ehrensberger Farm – a model business for biodiversity

Putting to the test an economic model business for biodiversity as a model for our producers.

Organic bananas from the jungle slopes of Costa Rica.

Natural banana cultivation in Costa Rica

Organic bananas from the jungle slopes of Costa Rica.

Use of recycled paper

Use of recycled paper

Consistent use of recycled paper preserves forest diversity.

Sustainable fishing methods

Fish from sustainable fishing methods

From careful, energy-efficient processes.

Protection of climate and waters

Species-appropriate keeping and feeding of farm animals are central components of ecological farming.

Good Company Biodiversity intiative

Biodiversity in Good Company

HiPP is a member of the Biodiversity in Good Company initiative.

Environmental campaigns at HiPP

HiPP Campaigns

HiPP is committed to biodiversity and against plant genetic engineering.