Environmental statistics

For the environment we set ourselves ambitious goals.

The figures of all important inputs and outputs document to what extent environmental protection at HiPP makes specific progress.


Key Figures2012201320142015 (Soll)2015 (Ist)Compared to the year before
Operational supplies (kg/t)2,62,42,12,12,2+2,5 %
Cleaning agents ;(kg/t)2,42,72,42,42,5+2,6 %
Energy (kWh/t)753,2747,2728,0728,0706,9-2,9 %
Water (m3/to)8,18,28,58,58,3-2,6 %
Packaging (kg/t)513,0509,8519,8519,8525,6+1,1 %
Waste water (m3/to)6,97,37,67,67,5-1,9 %
  Cooling water, Ilm2,72,82,92,92,7-9,1 %
  Waste water, sewage plant4,24,54,74,74,8+2,6 %
Waste, total (kg/t)231,5239,2251,9251,9191,8-23,9 %
Non-recyclable waste(kg/t)5,55,75,95,95,3-10,4 %
Carbon dioxide (kg/t)43,436,936,236,230,6-15,5 %
Sulphur dioxide (g/t)71,270,665,765,764,0-2,6 %
Nitrogen oxide (g/t)92,592,886,886,885,1-2,0 %