Little Mealmakers Weaning Recipes

Our versatile Little Mealmakers sauces are the perfect addition to your little one's weaning journey. Helping you create simple, nutritionally appropriate, homemade meals for your baby! Here you will find a variety of ways to include our sauces into your baby’s diet with quick and simple recipes, from toast toppers to pizzas we are sure you will find the perfect recipe for your little one! The recipes provided can be adapted to suit your needs and include options to include the sauces warmed up, as directed on the label, or be used unheated straight from the jar quite safely. We hope you have fun re-creating these recipes, but please do have a go at creating your own and share the results on our social pages using the hashtag #littlemealmakers 


7 months

Check out these delicious weaning recipes, suitable from around seven months!

7-9 months

Discover our selection of weaning recipes, suitable for little ones between 7-9 months!

12 months+

Discover our tasty home cooking recipes, suitable from 12 months onwards!