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Ehrensberger Hof Farm

HiPP’s model enterprise for biodiversity

For many years, HiPP has been researching the fascinating world of biodiversity at the HiPP model farm together with scientists and conservationists. The practical knowledge and experience that is gathered in this way is passed on to farmers.

The objective is the sustainable and environmentally friendly production of food, so that HiPP will also be in a position to procure the high-quality raw materials necessary for our baby food in the future.

HiPP Organic quality and sustainability

What began 60 years ago with organic farming is practised in all sectors of the company: the careful treatment of the environment and natural resources, respectful cooperation and the highest quality.

HiPP Organic quality

The best way to reduce your baby’s exposure to pesticides in food is to buy organic produce. So what exactly does HiPP pay attention to when it comes to farming and animal husbandry?

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Sustainability at HiPP

The sustainable handling of natural resources is an idea which was already considered hundreds of years ago in forestry ...

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