11 months old

Babies of this age…

  • May be walking around while holding on to the furniture
  • May be able to stand, bend over and even squat down
  • Will probably respond to their name, wave bye-bye and clap to a song
  • Enjoy making a noise with anything that can be banged, rattled, shaken or rung
  • Are improving their finger control and are more easily able to pick up finger foods such as raisins or peas with a ‘pincer grip’ between finger and thumb
  • Their digestive systems are now more mature and can cope with increased texture and taste in food
  • Are likely to be sleeping around 14 hours in 24, but the two daytime naps are probably getting shorter

Your baby

  • When you're looking at picture books together, you can help your baby identify various objects by saying things like ‘Look, there’s a ball. Where’s the ball? There it is.’
  • Babies love singing and dancing, so why not put on some music and have a dance party? (We'll never tell!)
  • It's fun to play the 'imitation game,' too – make a sound and see if your baby will copy you.
  • You can also play at covering things up and then revealing them - this helps babies realise that things don’t disappear just because they're out of sight.

Nutritional needs change as babies get older

...and they also enjoy larger portions. That's why we created HiPP Organic Growing Up Meals – they're sized just right to add extra excitement to older babies' mealtimes. HiPP Organic baby foods are made with the finest organic ingredients - no fillers, no nasties, no unsuitable salt levels - and taste good enough to be home-made.

Standing on their own two feet

Even if your baby’s not standing up or walking at the moment, it won’t be long! Make sure you have a camera ready for those first steps. Every day your little one becomes more independent, but don’t be surprised if there are still clingy times, especially when there are strangers around. Your baby may also cry if you are not within view.