Baby Weaning Chart

Ready? Let’s wean…the HiPP way

Some people will have you believe weaning’s quite complicated – not HiPP. We’ve been helping mums feel HiPP about feeding their babies for over 60 years and we believe weaning can be really simple, natural and enjoyable. Here's how:

First things first

  • Give your baby their usual milk feeds
  • Choose a time when they’re happy and not too hungry or tired
  • Make sure your baby’s sitting upright
  • Don't leave them alone with food
  • Use a small, shallow, plastic spoon
  • A bib will be handy – and you might want something to cover you too!
  • Make sure it's fun. Smile. Give praise. Take pictures.

Weeks 1 – 2

1 veg at a time

Help your baby develop a taste for natural veg flavour for a week or two before introducing sweeter fruit flavours.

  • Offer a tiny taste of smooth pureed veg. Parsnip, broccoli, or carrots are winners – and that’s day one done!
  • If your baby’s keen, offer them a little more (quantity and variety) each day.
  • Don’t worry if most of it ends up down their front or on the floor (and it will) — they’ll get all the nutrition they need from their breastmilk or formula.

Make your own: wash, peel and chop your choice of organic veg and cook gently until soft. Blend into a puree, adding water or your baby’s usual milk to get the perfect texture. Serve warm or cold (Never hot!). Freeze extra in ice cube trays for another day.

Or try HiPP Organic

We have a tempting range of yummy organic baby foods perfect for the start of weaning – buy now from our HiPP online shop!

Weeks 2 – 3

Time 2 mix it up

Is your little one enjoying their greens? It's time to mix it up. Start to introduce loads of different tastes and new flavour combinations alongside their favourite veggies — as long as you avoid a few foods* it really is that easy

* Avoid these foods if your baby is under 6 months old.

What's you baby trying to tell you?

  • Mouth firmly shut? Head turning away from you? They’ve had enough
  • Mouth wide like a little bird? They want more

Make your own:

  • Combine veg purees — like peas, spinach and potato
  • Add protein to your veg — blend in beef, lamb, chicken, fish or lentils
  • Try carbs like soft pasta, mashed potatoes and cereal*
  • Introduce pureed fruit or slices of banana or melon for baby to hold and suck on
  • Add full-fat dairy foods like yoghurt or pasteurised cheese*

Tip: Never add salt or sugar, but a tiny touch of herbs or spice might be nice. Try minty peas or cinnamon and apple sauce. Mmmmm.

3 meals a day

Over the next few months…

As you and your baby gain confidence, keep calm and carry on…

  • Add more and more variety, texture and interesting food combinations.
  • Following your baby’s lead, gradually increase quantities over the next few weeks.
  • Start to introduce regular mealtimes
  • Textures can be lumpier from around 7 months. Check out our recipes for inquisitive tongues here.

Before you know it… success! After a few months your little one will be happily chomping through 3 nutritious meals a day, plus milk and a couple of healthy snacks. Simply and naturally, weaning is complete. And you’ll both be feeling totally HiPP about food.

Did you know?

We only use our own variety of carrot, Dulcis, because it’s large, mild and nutrient-rich.

Avoid these foods* if your baby is under 6 months old:

  • Milk and yoghurt
  • Eggs
  • Fish
  • Shellfish
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Soft and unpasteurised cheeses
  • Food that contains wheat or gluten (a protein found in wheat, rye and barley)