Why choose an organic formula milk?

We all know that organic farming makes a big difference to the health of our planet and at HiPP, we believe that organic is best for babies and for our animals too. Farming in a truly sustainable way protects the planet for our children, and their children; and as a family company, this is really important to us.

We've  developed our organic follow on milk using over 50 years of nutritional research and the best organic ingredients we can find, to give you the best organic formula milk for your baby. It’s really important to us that it has everything babies need to grow, using organically grown and sustainably sourced ingredients, and packaged in the most sustainable way possible.

So what do we use in our organic follow on milks?

  • We start with only pure organic skimmed milk. We believe a little care and attention makes a big difference to the quality of our milks, which is why our cows are cared for using traditional methods – spending most of their time grazing freely on organic green pastures, with plenty of access to fresh air and open plains. They eat organic feed that’s free from genetically modified ingredients, chemicals and pesticides. And, with our focus on the highest animal welfare standards, we ensure our cows are never routinely given hormones and antibiotics.
  • Then we add:
  • Omega 3 LCPs (DHA*) from sustainable fish oil sources. DHA is an essential fatty acid and is required by legislation for all formula milks. Experts agree that this DHA is an essential component of formulas for babies’ growth.
  • Organic lactose and organic galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS)
  • Add a very carefully selected blend of oils to ensure the fatty acid profile is as close to breastmilk as it can be. This is because a high level of palmitic acid, for example, helps the milk be well tolerated by babies. We deliberately and proudly use a blend of rapeseed, sunflower and palm oil, which we can be sure meet our super high safety and quality standards. We source our palm oil, for example, from Rainforest Alliance Certified plantations, grown using more sustainable farming practices. Find out more about our super sustainable palm oil here 
  • All the vitamins and minerals your baby needs to meet their needs for growth and development (in the amounts specified by legislation).
  • All these ingredients and the final products are tested many times to ensure they meet our very strict safety and quality standards and are as safe as they can be for your baby.

Certified organic

Organic quality is at the heart of every little thing we do at HiPP. In fact, we’ve been making organic products for over 60 years, pioneering organic farming methods long before it became popular.  All of our organic products are made to our own HiPP organic standards, which go above and beyond EU organic regulations, as well as being certified organic by regulatory bodies in the EU and UK.

Babies love them

Not only are our products made to exceptionally high standards using the best quality organic ingredients, but babies really like them too. A whopping 97% of parents say their babies seem happier with HiPP!* Maybe that’s why we’re the number one follow on milk in the UK and Europe.

*Based on a sample of 739 parents surveyed between January 2017 and October 2019.

Better for the planet

We believe choosing an organic formula milk is the best option for your baby and, because it’s produced in a sustainable way that protects, choosing our organic formula helps protect our planet too.  At HiPP, we go further by ensuring our production is carbon neutral and our packaging is environmentally friendly – we’ve pledged to make all of our packaging fully recyclable by 2025 and we’re well on our way, with 94% of all our packaging already fully recyclable!

So, by choosing our organic follow on milk, you’re getting the best for your baby and for the planet too.  

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