Types of prenatal massages

Prenatal massage

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Pregnancy massage can help to relieve tension in your muscles, alleviate joint pain, and relax your mind. Spending time totally focused on you is an act of mindfulness in itself, helping you get out of your head and connect with your body.

Pregnancy announcement ideas

Coming soon pregnancy annoucment

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Do you ‘go big’, and create a viral video sensation? Keep it simple, with a scan pic and a quick text? Or do you prefer to tell family and friends in person – or even keep it to yourself for as long as possible? Read on to discover some fun ways to announce your pregnancy to friends & family.

Pregnancy pillows

Expecting mum sleeping with a pregnancy pillow

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There's so much to consider when purchasing a pregnancy pillow. Read up on the top-tips from why you may want to consider buying a pregnancy pillow and hear from our HiPP mums about their experiences!

Gender reveal ideas

Expecting parents gender reveal

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Gender reveals are all the rage on social media platforms, but what are your options for a fun gender reveal and is it right for you? From cakes to fireworks we have collated all sorts of ways our HiPP parents used to reveal the gender of their baby to their friends and family's.

Coping with body changes during pregnancy

Pregnant mum massaging lotion into bump

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Many of us struggle with body image throughout our lives. And during pregnancy, with the obvious impact of weight gain as well as the other side effects that come with growing a brand-new person, this struggle can be exacerbated. Our mums at HiPP HQ have shared some of there experiences when it came to dealing with the changes they experienced throughout their pregnancies.