My Newborn Routine with @always.elliot_

Newborn | | Joanne Wooley

Welcoming a little one into the world is a wonderful moment in every parent's life, though it does come with a few light challenges. That's why we had a chat with @always.elliot_ to share a few tips for you on newborn routine, to make those early days that little bit easier.

When Elliot arrived into the world I had an overwhelming sense of love and affection. I couldn’t stop staring at him. He loved to be cuddled close to my chest and would grasp onto my finger. He seemed so fragile and would be startled by any loud noises.

Becoming a first-time mum was nerve-wracking as babies don’t come with any instructions so I accepted all of the help offered from the nurses at the hospital. They do an amazing job day in and day out, so they know the helpful tips such as easier ways to burp etc. When it was finally time to go home, I was really excited as I have a fear of hospitals and wanted my home comforts. My newborn routine continued to be based around baby sleep patterns and newborn feeding.

During my pregnancy I read blogs and parenting books, I attended ante-natal classes, read as many parenting articles as possible, but of course like most parents, I learnt the rest as I went along. At home, I felt like I was constantly checking up on my baby, changing dirty nappies and giving feeds. My baby would sleep for 2 hours then wake for a feed and a nappy change, then he would go back to sleep for another 2 hours and so on. I stayed in pyjamas or leggings. For the first two weeks he’d have 12 feeds in every 24 hours. During feeds, I’d burp him halfway through as he was diagnosed with having Colic. Our moses basket would be slightly raised at one end to help release trapped wind.

He’d sleep 16 – 18 hours per day for the first month, waking up every 2 hours.

When Elliot cried, I’d check that he wasn’t too hot or cold, pick him up, talk to him, try a feed, do skin to skin contact, rock him or go for a walk. I did lots of skin on skin contact to bond with my baby and had black and white newborn books for playtime. I slept when he slept and I made sure that I looked after myself so that I could look after him; showering and staying well fed to keep my energy levels up.

At the end of each day I’d run a warm bath using just water and no chemicals. I’d use a thermometer and double-check it was ok with my elbow. I’d prepare everything that I needed in advance and make sure that the room was warm. To calm him during bath time I would sing songs, trickle water on his tummy and talk as I was washing him. After bath time I would fully dry in between all the creases and then clip his nails. The most important thing I found was things were much easier if I organised and planned in advance. I managed his sleep routine by playing white noise to get him to sleep. I’d lay him down awake but drowsy. During night feeds I’d dim the lights and whisper, as babies do not know the difference between night and day. During the nights he’d wake up every 2 hours for a feed.

My top tips for new parents:

  • Such a lot happens during your baby’s first month. What they do and when depends on so many things. I’d recommend taking lots of photos in the early days as it’s so nice to look back on to see how much you've achieved.
  • Being prepared and stocking up on essential items is important such as coffee, nappies, cotton wool, and non-bio washing powder. It felt like my washing machine was constantly on.
  • Prepare to be exhausted, keep calm and take each night as it comes. A dimly lit room for night feeds works wonders.
  • Always put a muslin cloth over your shoulder before you pick the baby up. 
  • Keep on top on the baby laundry. 
  • Fold the waistline of newborn nappy down and away from the umbilical cord area while it’s still healing. 
  • Do their tummy time on your chest so that they feel close to you. 
  • You need to keep your sense of humour and be flexible as you are learning something new each day. Get as much sleep as possible. You surprise yourself as you can survive on very little sleep and still smile. 
  • Get daily walks for fresh air. 
  • To avoid nappy leaks, check that the leg elastic is not tucked inwards and that the vest is not too small as the poppers can put too much pressure against the nappy.