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The truth about diastasis recti

Postnatal woman doing yoga in lounge

Wellbeing |

Aby, pelvic health specialist, shares all you need to know about the tummy gap (aka diastasis recti). As well as some simple exercises to help build up strength in your abdominal muscles after giving birth.

What to expect after a C-section

Baby holding mum's finger

Postpartum | Wellbeing | | Aby Tobin

Whether you had planned to have a C-section or not, congratulations on your new arrival. Not only have you had major abdominal surgery, but you also have the effects of pregnancy to recover from, whilst taking care of a small human. In a word, you are incredible. So what can you expect in your recovery?

Postpartum recovery

Mum cradling new born baby

Postpartum | Wellbeing | | Aby Tobin

Healing from the effects of both pregnancy and birth takes time, but you can support healing with simple daily habits in the early weeks. Read Aby's article to discover a Pelvic Health Specialists top tips for postpartum recovery.

Diagnosing and managing childhood rashes

Mum holding baby's feet

Newborn | | Dr Alia Ahmed

Rashes in children are common and can occur for several reasons. Spotting rashes can be fairly simple, but managing them can be difficult for the carers of babies and young children, especially if they are causing symptoms that leave your little one distressed.

Skincare ingredients to avoid

Baby sat on towel after bath time

Newborn | | Dr Alia Ahmed

Young skin is sensitive. It requires gentle skin care that won’t irritate or aggravate existing skin issues, and which also protects the skin barrier. Dermatologist, Dr Alia, shares the key ingredients you should avoid in your little one's skincare products.